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How Can I Help?

We would like to introduce you to The Coastal Taranaki Health Trust, trading as CoastalCare and the benefit of supporting our organisation. 

Our Trust has established a centralised location and base for a wide range of professionals and has provided integrated social and health services for the entire district. Our intention is to guarantee a long term "legacy" approach for the health, social and economic welfare of this high deprivation area. The Trust has promoted CoastalCare as a "one-stop-shop, multi-purpose social and health wellbeing facility".  

Please contact Facility Manager Aretha Lemon on 06 761 8488 for further information.


CoastalCare has a much needed Wishlist.  The equipment listed below would be well used and certainly much appreciated by staff and patients.

2 x Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor – aids in decisions around heart medication/specialist/treatment $2,898 (each)

I-STAT – Point of Care Blood Analyser – can instantly provide results for certain types of blood test rather than waiting for the bloods to go the lab - $14,000

Optometrist OCT Machine - $52,000

Alterations to Reception Area to accommodate dental receptionist $1500

Larger improved tearoom fridge/freezer $900

Physiotherapy specialised bed with face hole $1590

Dangerous decibels school programme $1000

Massage Table (Mihi and Aguirre) $500

Comfy Pillows – Physiotherapy $50

More Artwork for building

Moving of toilet roll holder to other side